How to Make a Real Pizza at Home

01 Aug 2020
Roberto Oboe
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Time: 00:18:20
IEEE Industrial Electronics Society has launched a new initiative this year to start IES online webinar series. This initiative is managed by IES new Adhoc "Multimedia Committee", chaired by Prof. Morgan Kiani. The very first 2 technical webinars are scheduled to start in September 2020. To test in adavance the GoToWebinar platform adopted by IES webinars, Multimedia Committee has conducted a test run and have the honor to invite our IES Vice-President, Prof. Roberto Oboe, to give a presentation entitled "How to make a real pizza at home" as the webinar presenter. Please check this recorded webinar, see how our IES webinar will look like. we hope you enjoy it, and see you soon in our upcoming IES webinars!